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photo credit:  Danielle Guenther

photo credit:  Danielle Guenther


My intention as a yoga teacher is to create an environment that is supportive, inclusive, nurturing and light-hearted.  Classes are influenced by my studies with gifted teachers of vinyasa, Iyengar, restorative and prenatal yoga, as well as ancient yogic texts and their modern interpreters.  I draw inspiration from poets and philosophers, religions and cultures, anatomy courses, and anyone with helpful tools that might provide insight for navigating our complicated existence.  

My classes incorporate alignment-based vinyasa, and also slow movements that allow for exploration and precision.  Students practice different breathing techniques and meditate and build courage by going upside down and build compassion when it doesn't always work out.  

I am forever mindful about how to share, apply, and articulate the ancient teachings in a way that is relevant, relatable and helpful to students.   


photo credit:  Danielle Guenther


Cartagena, Colombia

If you want to share heart-opening cultural exchanges and adventures with other curious beings, then please join me on retreat! If, while traveling, you find that you are awed and inspired by the interconnectedness and similarities that exist between human beings, while also delighting in the differences that make the world so fascinating, then let's go on an adventure together!

To travel is to face our individual insignificance; to be humbled again and again by the beauty, goodness, and love that exists in the world. My heart keeps expanding to embrace it all. You probably know what I mean and like you, I want to meet all the people and see all the lands and do all the things. There is nothing like that feeling of wonder when you arrive for the first time in a new place. Where shall we go next?


Isla Holbox, Mexico

Rio Don Diego, Colombia


Yoga at the Lake


The curiosity we cultivate on the yoga mat can enlighten our interactions and relationships off the mat. Can we be curious about the feelings that bubble to the surface when we're trying to balance and breathe in ardha chandrasana? Can we stay open and receptive to patterns or insights that may reveal themselves during our yoga practice and see how they may relate to the rest of our lives? Did your breath get stuck in that backbend?  Why? What did you feel? In which other situations might you find yourself holding your breath? Let's get to the heart of the matter.

Whether I'm teaching an hour yoga class or a weeklong retreat, I aim to facilitate connection:  between you and your breath, between you and your heart, between you and the earth, between you and the local people and culture, between you and your fellow yogis. My hope is that you will leave with a better sense of wellbeing and a more spacious, open heart.

Joyful with Kogis and canines in Colombia. The Kogis are one of the numerous indigenous tribes in Colombia.  They believe in the sacredness of Mother Earth.

photo credit: Michael Blaskewicz


Raised in a small NH town. Attended college in a slightly bigger NH town. Made my way to NYC, by way of San Diego, and have fallen in love with this noisy, boisterous, dirty, big-hearted metropolis.

I've waited tables, managed programs at an environmental organization, and ran logistics for a commodities brokerage firm.  Somehow, inexplicably or entirely understandably, that path led me to yoga and I've been teaching for over a decade.

Currently teaching yoga in Hoboken, Jersey City and NYC, as well as in far off places that make my heart ache with joy and gratitude.

Trained at OM Yoga Center in NYC.

Forever thankful to my main teachers:  Genny Kapuler, Margi Young, the dudes at Now Yoga in NYC, and the ups and downs of life.


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