Past Retreats

Yoga in the Mountains
Catskills, NY

June 2019

We changed it up for this upstate weekend retreat, moving from the lake to the mountains. Our house was in the woods surrounded by deep layers of that fresh green foliage of trees coming to life after a long winter. We cooked some delicious Moroccan dishes and the food was so scrumptious and abundant that one retreater suggested that the next retreat should be a “detox retreat”. Never! :) We practiced yoga on the large outside deck and went for a lovely hike to the impressive Kaaterskill Falls.


Isla Holbox, Mexico
Feb 23-March 2, 2019

This 3rd annual yoga retreat to Isla Holbox was wonderful. It is one of life’s great joys to bear witness to people truly connecting and there was a lot of that happening this year. Lots of layers were shed, in all the literal and figurative ways that can be interpreted. Was there skinny dipping while star gazing? I’m not going to say there wasn’t. Was there laughing through tears within the first 3 minutes of a 5 minute mindfulness exercise? There might be a wet towel somewhere with evidence. Did a student come back from retreat and tell me that she missed her roommate? That’s just a plain “yes”.


Yoga at the Lake
Athens, NY
Nov 9-11, 2018

This was our first late Fall YATL and it was wonderful. The crisp fall air did wonders for our city-dwelling souls and the maple trees in the yard were ablaze with color. We carried in wood and lit a fire in the fireplace every day and night and got all snuggly and cozy in our pajamas. We played a ruthless game of charades and ate some hearty meals including a delicious stew that called for juniper berries, which Arlene harvested from the bush just outside her kitchen door. Oh, and there was also yoga. :)


Moroccan Adventure & Yoga Retreat
October 2018

Markets and carpets.
Hammams and Imams.
Call to prayer and “Can I live here?.”
Ait Ben Haddou and goat head street food.
Camel babies and night market crazies.
Mint tea and tagine.
You enchantress and heart stealer.
Shookran. Saha. Merci. Gracias. Thank you.
From the very depths of our full hearts.

On our way to Ait Ben Haddou

On our way to Ait Ben Haddou

Yoga at the Lake
Athens, NY
June 8-11, 2018

At the lake we do lots of yoga and connect in other fun ways. We enjoy hearty breakfasts that we prepare together. Sunset becomes our dinner backdrop as we sip wine and share stories. We learn how a couple on retreat met and then share their joy as someone finds “their song” on the interwebs and the couple gets up and dances. We spontaneously try to learn to dance salsa after dinner and dry the clean dishes while twirling the dish towel and shaking our hips. This bi-annual YATL weekend is one that I look forward to as a teacher and savor as a human.


Isla Holbox, Mexico
Jan 27 - Feb 3, 2018

Holbox 2018 group pic.JPG

Heart full.

These woman are smart, funny, compassionate, supportive, loving, and brave. Brave because of the struggles they're enduring and the ones they have already conquered. Brave to face things head on and make concrete progress, but also sometimes bravery looks like a slow stroll up to the starting line. Every step counts. And every step backwards is a chance to reassess and regroup. It was wonderful to be in their company and a delight to watch them interact, share, inspire, laugh, dance and just be.

Yoga at the Lake
Athens, NY
Sept 30-Oct 1, 2017

Mindful.  Heart full.  Grateful.  Yoga at the Lake, Fall Edition, was another success if you measure success in connections made and strengthened between people.  These wonderful humans came together to move and meditate and breathe.  They assisted and encouraged each other through challenging yoga poses.  They chopped veggies and stirred pots and poured wine and mindfully devoured the most delicious chocolate tart lovingly made by one of their own, Eva.   They listened to each other and lingered over dinner and practiced being fully present.  #mindfulness

Yoga at the Lake
Athens, NY
June 9-11, 2017

Yoga at the Lake was pure joy!  These are the wonderful people who bonded over their love of yoga, good food and stimulating conversation.  We cooked together, drank together, paddled canoes and toasted marshmallows.  We also laughed so much it hurt.  So much love for these peeps:

Isla Holbox, Mexico
February 18-25, 2017


We spent a week on magical Isla Holbox, a 26-mile long slip of land just north of the Yucatan Peninsula, where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Caribbean Sea.  With twice daily yoga and healthy local food, we slowed our pace to that of the locals, found hammocks for afternoon siestas and shed our socks and shoes and winter layers. We allowed our toes to sink into the sand and our breath to become steady and spacious.  We found peace and friendship and ease.

Isla Holbox, Mexico

Colombia, South America
February 7-13, 2016

Gitana del Mar

We spent 6 nights on this wild beach on the Caribbean Sea.

We slept in lovely bungalows and napped in hammocks on the beach.  We dined on healthy local food, sipped fresh juices, practiced yoga and meditation, and reconnected with nature.  We went horseback riding and drifted in inner tubes down the slow moving Rio Don Diego.  And we took part in a traditional blessing ceremony of the Kogi people, who are indigenous to these foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

We left with hearts full, souls nourished, and spirits replenished.

Additional past retreats:

  • Catskills, NY: Oct 21-18, 2015: Yoga and Reiki with my friend and Reiki Master, James Bene.

  • Panama: Feb 22-March 1, 2015 (with One Hundred Skies): three-toed sloths...and yoga! On the Island of Bocas del Toro.

  • Catskills, NY: Oct 24-26, 2014: Yoga and Reiki with James Bene.

  • Spain: May 17-24, 2014 (with One Hundred Skies): Our first retreat to Southern Spain, in the hills above Malaga.

  • Belize: Feb 22-March 1, 2014 (with One Hundred Skies): This was the 5th year back on the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize